""Fight them, Mr. Brigance, to the bitter end. We must prevail."- Seth Hubbard"
Sycamore Row - John Grisham

I was pretty excited when I bought this book as a gift for my husband, who is a huge John Grisham fan. When I saw the word sequel to “A Time To Kill” I got so worked up that I did not even bother to read the synopsis, nor read book reviews from the net, which I usually do before I purchase any book… just straight away cash it in the counter. So, imagine my frustration when upon reading it I realized it wasn’t at all related to the story of the Haileys or a mention of what had happened to little Tanya, but instead a follow through on the career of the young and vibrant lawyer, Jake Brigance.
But still keeping the faith on our beloved Grisham, I kept reading and gave it a shot. And I wasn’t disappointed at all by the time I put the book down. Sure, there are times that I wanted to give up as I felt there’s just too many back stories going on and Im finding it difficult to keep up. There were even times I got lost from the main point of the story, wishing that Grisham could have focused on another arch instead. But it all came clear, and understanding set in, once the courtroom action has commenced. And I would like to make special mention of the two of my favorite characters of the book- the erratic figure, Lucien Wilbanks and the contrarian, Harry Rex- who in my opinion had both been the life of the party. Without them, the story would have been just too dull to read.
As always, I have a learned a thing or two again from Grisham, from the litigation proceedings, important legal terms and drills, and truths that I never would have thought possible even with the nature of the racial discrimination that the African Americans had endured for the last century
Yes, I started reading the book with a hint of disappointment, but I was relieved and thankful at the turn of the last page.
Amazing read for my first book of 2014 (1/70)